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A complete professional treatment plan for anxiety and panic disorder.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

(Walter Anderson)


If we are to fully recover from anxiety, I do believe a knowledge and understanding of its origins and processes is necessary. 

BUT what most of my young clients want more than anything is a QUICK FIX for their problems. Simple but clever techniques that are easy to administer to help break the nasty cycles of anxiety, panic and their close relations avoidance and safety behaviours. This IS possible and here I show you how.  

This is a really fun, practical, yet professional course that will help you break these cycles. The exercises will help you build trust and confidence as we go on to studying the issues, giving you a deeper understanding of the issues you face.  

Utilising techniques derived from CBT and Mindfulness, the Bored Teen introduces my three ‘Quick Fixes’ that helped him transform his life from one of avoidance and running away to embracing and flourishing in his work, studies, family life and relationships. 

The course comprises animations, PDFs, videos, lectures and e-books all containing lots of practical exercises for you to get involved with as well as a dedicated email service to keep you on track. Here’s the structure – 

1. Understanding Anxiety

2. Recovery Plan

3. The Quick Fix

4. Certificate of Completion

I can never say I know how you feel, that’s impossible!

But I have been in that anxious place. Triggered by exam stress, relationship worries, you name it, I have felt myself in that impossible place, literally paralysed by my body and truly believing that I would NEVER be able to pass an exam or carry out a presentation. I am not exaggerating when I say to you there were times when I literally  thought I was going to die, thought I was going mad even. In my day to day life I would avoid going out purely to avoid the risk of people laughing at me, me blushing in public…. My life felt so small because of the number of things that we are avoiding. 

I know it helps to understand what’s going on with anxiety in a scientific kind of way, I get it. But when I was in that panicked state for a lot of the time I didn’t want lots of information on the whys and whats of it all. That just felt too much. All I wanted was a QUICK FIX. 

So that’s why I’m going to share the three techniques I have learnt from Lesley that changed my life.

But before I do that, a few tips on completing this course 

❖ Take your time reading (and listening to) the information.

❖ Really engage with the techniques. Let it all soak in. 

❖ Practice, practice, practice. Repetition, repetition, repetition!!!

❖ Know that doing these techniques WILL feel tricky at first. You do have to expose yourself to feeling anxious in order to practice them. But, let me tell you, my trigger was my cure. In fact, that can be our mantra: ‘my trigger is my cure!’, repeat it with me!

A complete professional treatment plan for anxiety and panic disorder


Course includes:

Skill level : All levels

Language : English

Lectures : 25

Videos : 25

E-Books : 2

E-Book (Mini) : 19

Animated Video : 4

Access on All devices :📱

Certificate Of completion:📃🏆


Certificates on completion  

📃 Get a certificate by completing entire course suitable for CPD ( continuous professional development)

  • Why Panic and anxiety arises
  • New skills that will enable you to deal with panic attacks
  • How to meet challenges with courage
  • Understand why trying to avoid fear is a no win situation
  • Mindfulness strategies for relaxation and improved sleep


CBT is clinically proven to be the most effective treatment for Anxiety and Panic attacks. The Quick Fix is natural and drug free. The aim of the self-help Quick Fix course is for you to become your own skilled helper. This course will teach you the skills that you can apply to any difficulties that might arise in your life.

Who is this course for

  • Anyone who suffers from anxiety and panic disorders
  • Parents who want to help their teenagers plagued by fear or anxiety
  • Adults suffering from panic attacks
  • Adults, parents and teenagers who want to experience greater freedom in life
  • Counsellors who want to add to their mental health toolkit

Course Requirements

Anyone with a willingness to complete the course.