So what makes a panic attack acceptable is that it feels uncomfortable, and is not TORTURE (that would be someone pouring hot water down your back!) even if it feels that way.

Do you see the difference? Uncomfortable yes, torture no.

If it fills you with dread, then you know it is the negativity bias, like I talked about a few weeks ago! But remember, it is not dangerous. It will pass and the feelings can be accepted and controlled.

Look at these 2 situations to note the difference of acceptable and torture.

Situation One. 

It will not kill you or make you crazy! To all the neds chasing you or someone threatening you with a knife, You could be hurt or even killed, that is not acceptable. In this situation you instinctively know what to do (fight or flight response). You can run, You can hide, shout, beg because you will do anything to escape.

Situation Two. 

Your parent or teachers shouting, blaming you for something, even if you do not deserve it. It is uncomfortable but not life threatening. You can keep your anger at bay – mindfully notice your thoughts and not make things worse for yourself.


Accepting the intense symptoms and not resisting is a very powerful step to overcome panic attacks.

You can use the ABC technique. 

Notice and accept your body is not at peace. It is healthy to  feel all the turbulence in the body.

Belly Breathing. Inhale deeply, relax the shoulders then say ‘I am breathing in… ‘ ‘I am breathing out…’ 16 times.

Bring it On! I am having a panic attack, I will not die! It is ok to feel scared. I want to run away but if I stay it will pass.


Try this next time you feel a panic attack coming on and note the difference in your response.

Love & Laughter.



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