There are two main signs that indicate when panic is about to strike.

  1. Worry
    The first is fairly simple, are you worried about something, someone or a specific situation?
  2. Anxiety
    Are you suffering bouts of anxiety?

The first thing I do in my practice is to ask my client to check in with their feelings, opposed to checking out, which would be flight mode.

The main problem with panic is that when adrenaline kicks in, you can feel like you are seriously ill. You can feel like you are choking, suffocating or having a heart attack. It is truly terrifying.

This horrible feeling will pass… but you need to be proactive. Notice the thoughts and feelings (check in) and do not react to believing them. If you reverse the stress response by breathing deeply and focus on your breathing and allow the thoughts/feelings to come and go, then the adrenaline will calm down within 5 minutes.

These physical feelings of adrenaline are normal. It is simply the body’s alarm system being activated. So it feels dangerous even when it is not.

We then add meaning to the thought and feelings – we believe we are going to die.

Take 5 minutes to bring awareness to:

The physical body РScan your body.  How does it feel? Does it need hydration? Is it tense? Can you relax your body by letting go of the day?

The emotional – On a scale of 1 to 10 how hoes it feel? 1 being absolute despair and 10 being in absolute bliss. What scale would you give yourself?

The mental activity – Where are your thoughts right now?

I would then ask them to become aware and talk about how they are coping with stressors in their life, work and relationships.

When you look over your lifestyle, there will be a clear picture of your constant worrying. Notice if you are having a very dramatic reaction. If you already have anxiety then be proactive, do something about it.

You are welcome to contact me if you like to do some of my self help courses. If self help is not for you, then I recommend cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Mindfulness is another fantastic option.

Just do something, life is for living. Do not sit with anxiety, make the change today.

Love & Laughter



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