Dear Lesley,

Me again. I’ve been using your negativity bias technique and it is slowly but surely working. When the dread kicks in, I just keep telling myself that I am ok over and over again. It soon passes.

I have been up late at night recently. It is coming up to exam time and I am struggling to bring myself to study. I look for every distraction to avoid doing my homework and studies.

My parents keep telling me to get it done, they check on me all the time. Sometimes I pretend I am doing it when really i’m not. I try to start something and before I know it, I’m playing with a rubber band or scrolling through my phone or even cleaning out my sock drawer! I just can’t stick to it.

Everyone keeps telling me how important the exams are for my future and I need to do well in them to get into a good university and get a good job. ┬áSometimes the pressure to do well from school & my family is so intense that I feel like there is a weight on my chest. They don’t understand how much weight they are putting on my shoulders, I could scream! Then when I go to study my mind wanders, I can’t concentrate and I can’t remember any of my notes.

The thought of sitting in the exam room and not knowing what I am going to get asked gets my palms so sweaty. My temperature is rising even thinking about it right now.

I don’t want to let anyone down. If I don’t get the results everyone is going to be so disappointed in me & I won’t have a good future. The pressure and expectations is all too much, I can’t cope.



‘The Bored Teen’


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