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I specialise in anxiety. I will help you feel safe, calm and in control of your emotions allowing you to build/heal relationships and increase your  confidence in all areas of your life. 

I have been working in counselling and psychology for over 20 years. I specialise in working with teenagers and adults who suffer from panic and  anxiety disorders. 

I believe having a good therapeutic relationship, compassion and humour, are very important in therapy. If you would like to book an appointment, I  am happy to have a chat on the phone to make sure that I can help and that I am the right person for you. 

I am a registered psychotherapist with experience of working both within the NHS, private practice and a third sector organisation which offers  support to those affected by anxiety, I believe that therapy works best when it is a collaborative undertaking, and so I will work with you in a way  suited to you and your therapeutic needs. 

I have experience of working with many mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, panic, low self-confidence and self-esteem issues,  phobias, suicidality, personality disorders, abuse, relationship issues, and work stress, amongst others. 

I have a special interest in working with those affected by chronic anxiety and ADHD.  

Anxiety related to ADHD (Adults and Teenagers) 

ADHD stands For attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. When someone has ADHD, they often find it difficult to stay focused on a particular task at  hand or keep still (hyperactivity). 

Most people think daydreaming and fidgeting are the extent of ADHD. However, ADHD symptoms, go way beyond that .For example, one common,  but under-discussed sign of ADHD is anxiety. This can cause emotional disregulation- the tendency to “overreact” to things, such as speaking loudly,  or being quick to anger and even tears. Another one of the major signs of ADHD is executive dysfunction. Executive function is the term used to  describe the brains capacity to plan something, focus one’s attention on it, and carry out that plan. However, those with ADHD often find this  extremely difficult. 

As a result, they often lack the “followthrough”- leaving tasks unfinished or not attempted at all. 

This often leads to issues at school and employment.  

Another underlying symptom that goes unnoticed is anxiety, often my clients confide they find life a struggle, they often talk about the frustration they  feel. The majority of people with ADHD struggle with time management and staying organised. They often feel friends and partners do not  understand and this can cause isolation as a consequence.  

At the counselling lounge we have created a beautiful space where we hope you will experience a luxurious calm space. Where you can learn how to  manage your problems effectively and holistically. 

I also can assist family members and friends. I offer individual therapy and will work with families. 

You can contact me by phone or email using the details here or by pressing the link buttons on my website. If you are unsure about whether  counselling is for you, or if you have any questions, I would be happy to have a short chat with you, or arrange an introductory 30 minute session,  with no obligation to arrange a further appointment. I understand that taking the first step can be difficult, so I will try to make it as easy for you as  possible. 

I offer supervision for health care professionals. 


Additional Information

I also offer free visual resources to assist in managing anxiety and stress available on my website. 

Lesley is a Psychotherapist, (MBACP) with experience in various primary and secondary care NHS settings, private practice, employee assistance  programmes, schools and charity organisations. She currently works as a counselling supervisor for the Wishaw Hospital in Lanarkshire, where she  provides mental health support, psychotherapy and supervision to hospital staff. As well as running support groups, mindfulness courses, anxiety and  mental health promotion initiatives. 

Lesley also specialises in anxiety disorders, and her work can be in her private practice, school or at the counselling lounge, offering interventions for adolescents, staff or adults exhibiting symptoms of anxiety and stress disorder. 

Online course – The Quick Fix: Online self-help course for panic and anxiety attacks. 

Making professional psychological therapy accessible, easy and affordable. 

If we are to recover from anxiety fully, I do believe a knowledge and understanding of its origins and processes is necessary. 

BUT what most of my young clients want more than anything is a QUICK FIX for their problems. Smart but straightforward techniques that are easy  to administer to help break the nasty cycles of anxiety, panic and their close relations ‘avoidance and safety behaviors’. This IS possible, and here I  show you how. 

This is a fun, practical, yet professional course that will help you break these cycles. The exercises will help you build trust and confidence as we  study the issues, giving you a deeper understanding of the problems you face. 

Utilising techniques derived from CBT and Mindfulness, the Bored Teen introduces my three ‘Quick Fixes’ that helped him transform his life from one  of avoidance and running away to embracing and flourishing in his work, studies, family life and relationships. 

The course comprises animations and PDFs, both containing lots of practical exercises for you to get involved with as well as a dedicated email  service to keep you on track. Please email me if you would like more information. 


If we want to understand our anxiety we need to look at the brain...

The Quick Fix For Anxiety

The bored teen shares his experience
of how the quick fix course changed
his life.

The Quick Fix For Anxiety

The bored teen shares his experience
of how the quick fix course changed
his life.

There are many types of disorders

Below are some of the main disorders I can help you with…


Understand and get help with anxiety


Get help to stop your panic attacks


Get help with difficult or unwanted thoughts


Get help with
self estem

Our online courses can help you resolve your Anxiety problems in the comfort of your own home