Hi Lesley,

Is anxiety causing my anger between the devil and the deep blue sea?

This week has been really bad for me, nothing has went my way!

When my friends change plans or if something comes up unexpectedly, I lose it! I can’t cope with it.

I am now getting really really angry! The anger burns inside me and rises and rises. I turn into a different person.

Yesterday my mum asked me to do something that I had not expected and I could feel myself starting to panic. I could feel myself really hating her and refusing to do the thing she asked me to do.

I hate to say this but If I don’t shout and scream, I seethe inward and go into a deep huff.

How do I manage my anxiety & anger?

From, The Bored Teen.


So, who do you become when you are angry or anxious? The Devil or The Deep Blue Sea.

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