Dear Lesley,

I can only describe it as I was scared that I was going insane. I was at a party and I went into the kitchen to get a drink when suddenly I had a sense that I was there, but not there!

I was firstly very anxious, it was like I wasn’t even in my own body. I was aware of my friends speaking but suddenly it was like I was floating, and watching what was going on but I was not part of it.

I did come back and I felt alright, so nothing bad happened.

But I am so scared it will happen again and I will go mad forever.

Please help!

The Bored Teen


So, why does this happen to people? It is ultimately fear. The feeling of being terrified, worried or full of dread are all symptoms of anxiety disorders. Some are physical sensations and some are emotional. but they all mean fear.

Here is a tip I often use with my clients.


  1. Remember this space sensation is anxiety and remind yourself this is uncomfortable, but not torture or dangerous.
  2. Pay attention to the room you are in and away from your thoughts.
  3. Say ” this weird feeling is just anxiety, it will pass “
  4. Get back into conversation with a friend or family member.


If you want more advise or information please feel free to contact me via email.

Love & Laugher



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