Walk & Talk sessions are designed to help you feel free when talking about worries you may have. When out in nature it helps relax you into a space where you feel comfortable. Sometimes it can be daunting to sit in a room and open up, so by getting out for a relaxing walk makes all the difference. It is extremely therapeutic.

As another walk and talk session comes to an end for the summer holidays, our Bored Teen shares why walking in nature (the woods) with therapist Lesley Shearer works for him…


When my anxiety is at a high and I start worrying constantly, I find that being woken up by the sun each morning helps reduce my anxiety. It forces me out of my bed and into a routine (a tip I got from Professor Green the rapper).

If I’m in a bad place and have a knot in my stomach, rather than feeding it, I get out of bed and nourish it instead. Walking with Lesley along the water front in the morning has really helped, even when I have a bad night, getting up and getting out makes me feel better.

Being outside and having a free flowing conversation really helps me face the day ahead. Lesley goes over the worries I have about the day and helps me put them into perspective. I always feel a bit more motivated and confident after our Walk & Talk session.


The Bored Teen.


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